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About Us
OnSite Fitness is a quarterly business-to-business fitness and aquatics digital publication delivered free to qualifying YMCA, YWCA and JCC staff members. Subscription qualification is limited to senior management, staff members with responsibility for facility management, operations, equipment purchasing, and fitness and aquatics programming.

Who We Serve
Collectively the Ys, YWs & JCCs represent a very important fitness and aquatic segment in our communities, serving over 25.5 million members through approximately 3,600 facilities.

Our Goal
Our objective is to foster a grassroots involvement with the Y and YW branches and JCC centers and with your help, input and participation, expand interest in fitness and aquatics, increase member involvement and improve operation efficiency and effectiveness at your facility...keep communicating your ideas!

OnSite Fitness editorial covers Branch and Center News, features on strength and cardio equipment and programming, Pilates, Yoga, physical rehab topics, fitness inclusion and youth and senior fitness needs and issues. Our focus is on all community members.

Utilizing a case study format, the
OSF editorial also includes "Product Focus" features, where supplier products and programs are presented from the standpoint of increasing member retention and membership growth.

OnSite Fitness also examines issues such as sales and marketing ideas and tips, pool safety, equipment servicing advice and a supplier Q&A, where industry experts discuss what readers need to know before making specific product purchasing decisions, all from the non-profit facility point of view.

Fitness OnSite JCCA
Columns, Features & Departments
Aqua FitPro...aquatic programming & pool features
Branch & Center News...Y & JCC program events
Equipment Tech...equipment servicing tips
Fitness Inclusion...programming for special populations
Non-Profits...member retention and fundraising
Pilates...innovations in Pilates programming
Product Focus...supplier product features
PT Fitness...rehab programming features
Senior Fit...senior fitness & programming
Sight & Sound...entertainment & sound systems
Supply Side...topical supplier product Q&A features
Strength Index...strength & cardio programming features
Yoga for Health...yoga programming
Youth Fit...youth fitness & programming

Editorial Board
The OnSite Fitness editorial board is comprised of highly accredited fitness and health experts that are acknowledged as leaders in their respective fields.

OnSite Fitness is the only fitness & aquatics publication devoted exclusively to the needs of non-profit facilities. Because of this single focus, we offer in-depth coverage of all aspects of fitness and aquatics equipment and programming, including coverage for; general members, youth, seniors, rehab, special populations and fitness inclusion. In addition, a substantial amount of our editorial is written by YMCA, YWCA and JCC staff members.

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